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The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill

American aerosol scientists have made a huge discovery regarding the spread of the new coronavirus. A research has shown that the coronavirus spreads not only though droplets but also through the air and much more easily than previously thought.

The research was triggered by WHO’s Twitter post in April 2020 when the organization stated that the new coronavirus is not airborne. The research was initiated by aerosol scientist Linsey Marr to warn the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with her colleagues, to their incorrect position on the spread of the coronavirus.

For decades, the generally accepted approach has been the 5-micron boundary, with particles larger than 5 microns considered as droplets and smaller particles as aerosols. To combat droplets, a leading precaution is to wash hands frequently with soap and water but to fight infectious aerosols, the air itself is the enemy. Marr realized that despite WHO’s advices to disinfecting and social distancing, thousands were walling ill often times by being in the same airspace but up to 15 metres apart.

She found out that the 5-micron boundary originates from the 5-micron size of the particle that transmits tuberculosis from the 1960s making 5 microns stand in for a general definition of airborne spread. The scientist proved that contrary to previous opinions, virus particles spread through aerosols in a much larger extent than previously thought, in addition to droplet spread. On April 30 2020, the WHO updated a section on its website on how the coronavirus gets transmitted; the text now states that the virus can spread via aerosols as well as larger droplets.

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