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The use of ozone disinfectants in schools is not permitted anymore

The Welsh government says ​​using ozonation equipment to disinfect classrooms is being rejected. It turned out that the equipment was “extremely dangerous” for children.

The country’s management has announced that the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has assessed that 1,800 ozonation equipment developed by Swansea University is unsuitable for use in an educational setting. The assessment warned that ozone gas, which can also be used for disinfection, is “a particularly dangerous indoor pollutant that is harmful to health in low concentrations and harms various organic substances in the indoor environment”.

It has been shown that children and those with respiratory illness are ‘particularly sensitive to ozone’ and that the substance ‘reacts with indoor compounds to produce persistent, harmful secondary aerosols’. The study also found that certificates for effective ozone disinfection are “limited in scope and quality”.

Dr. Eilir Hughes, a general practicioner in an interview with BBC Radio Wales Breakfast, said “ozone is harmful to health” as well as to the environment in the event of a leak. Nor is Dr. Hughes sure that this method would have been the most effective way to stop the spread of the most dominant variants of the virus in today’d epidemic situation.

Laura Anne Jones, an education spokeswoman for the Conservatives in Wales, said labor policy had “unfortunately not been rethought” and that “educating and securing young people is paramount”.

The Airocide technology

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