Customer review

2021 Mar 29

We value our customers’ experience, opinion and feedback on the effectiveness of the Airocide equipment we sell. So, as part of our now campaign, we asked some of our Airocide owners to tell us about their experiences.

We would like to share Norbert L.’s opinion about the APS-200 air purifier he uses:

How long have you been using the Airocide device?

For 2 years.

Why did you choose Airocide? (E.g. asthma, allergy)

I am a father of three children. My two older daughters are in kindergartner and they frequently brought home all kinds of viruses and diseases. I got fed up when someone in the family was sick every week and all we did was go to the pharmacy.

Where do you use the device and what changes did you experience?

We placed the device in our bedroom. The first and probably the most striking thing I have experienced is that after a week I started to take much deeper breaths. The air was fresh and clean. After 2 years I can tell you that the number of family illnesses decreased drastically.

What is your opinion about the device?

It is very quiet, you can’t really notice that it’s there. Airocide is a tremendous help to us all year round. It’s quick and easy to maintain and it doesn’t require a specialist to take care of it.

Norbert, thank you for the feedback.

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Scientists’ concerns about air purifiers

Scientists’ concerns about air purifiers

Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) has concerns about air purifiers are ignored by the Government of the United Kingdom while it is already controlled in the United States – Airocide is FDA approved