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Comparison of Air Purifiers

Comparing the most common air purifiers of 2021

Below is an overview which focuses on the most commonly used air purification technologies. The facts speak clearly…

HEPA filters

The HEPA air purifier is a particle filter to extract the molecules out of the air. The pore size of the filter, however, determines the removable particles  which are 0.3 micron or larger. Very small contaminants or pathogens, such as viruses or VOCs, volatile organic compounds, cannot be filtered out.

Ozone technology

Ozone generator produce ozone from the air in a unique chemical way. Being one of the strongest disinfectant agent, ozone can destroy and sanitize the harmful airborne substances and microorganisms. An advantage of this technology is that it sterilizes not only the air but also the surface of objects and it also deodorizes. Ozone technology is chemical-free but it is harmful to health even in minimal concentration and it not only disinfects the various surfaces but also damages them.

UV technology

UV-C technology offers a chemical-free solution to eliminate airborne microorganism. All this sound good, but UV-C radiation is harmful to our health. It is particularly dangerous to the eye and skin. Another disadvantage is that UV-C radiation produces ozone on many frequencies so it can be used only when nobody is present nearby. Additionally, only the 5-10s contact time and direct exposure is effective against the disease agents.

Electrostatic air purifier

The electrostatic air purifier is simple and easy to use for air purification and humidification. The air passes through an electric field so there is no filter used for the air purification. This is also a clear disadvantage. The collector plates need to be washed and cleaned weekly. The idea is that static electricity charges particles inside the air purifier causing them to stick to the internal filtration system. The disadvantage is that it has a carbon filter which needs to be replaced 3-4 times a year.

Airocide: the optimal choice

It may sound strange at first sight, but after a thorough technical review of the technologies and countless tests, we can say with confidence that Airocide is a no-compromise solution. It combines the advantages of the technologies described above without any of the disadvantages.

Read how Airocide performs compared to other technologies on the market! Airocide combines all the advantages of other technologies but at the same time addresses all the problems that competing devices do not.