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For Law Firms

Where face-to-face contact is needed

Even if we eventually triumph over the latest pandemic this chapter behind us will
certainly not be without consequences.

Given the fear that similar pathogens may arise
again, many companies maintain, even extend the possibility of teleworking for the
employees and face-to-face meetings at work are replaced by online meetings.

But what happens if meeting with clients is inevitable?

The memory of COVID-19 will most likely rewrite the rules of personal contact for a long time to come placing challenges ahead the members of the legal profession.

Whether it’s a personal consultation, conference or signing important documents, it is inevitable to ensure that the meetings are arranged in a hygienically safe and guaranteed virus-free environment.

Let’s not forget that viruses can remain viable for hours in the air.

You may agree with us that clients expect the law firm’s maintainer to provide the
above; what’s more, it is possible that the demand for pathogen-free, high air quality
meeting rooms and lounges will become commonplace in the short term. If you want to get ahead of the competition the Airocide® air purifier is designed for you.

Many offices have several people working in the same airspace at the same time which means that staff safety should not be compromised especially in offices with larger client traffic.

PM 2.5: an increasing threat
It’s not worth taking the risk: keeping the office air clean is more relevant that ever.

As you may have already heard, not only viruses and bacteria have a negative effect on our health but also fine particulate matters (PM 2.5) travelling in air. In this regard, Hungary is in particularly bad situation with the PM 2.5 concentration in larger cities sometimes exceeding the health limit at an alarming rate.

Studies have shown that PM 2.5 on the long run increases the chance of respiratory diseases (asthma, cancer) as well as cardiovascular diseases. According to a study from 2020, viruses spread more easily in contaminated air (source).

How does Airocide® protect you, your clients and your colleague?

The exceptional efficiency of the Airocide® air purifiers is due to a technology used in space research.

Just over two decades ago NASA’s researchers of the Mars-programme found out that for astronauts living in the same space for years clean air somehow must be provided in an energy-efficient and low-maintenance way without producing ozone or other harmful by-products.

The air purification process they have developed draws the pathogens into a reaction chamber where they are eliminated with UV light. It is important to know that nothing,
not even the pathogens, UV light or any other harmful by-product can escape the

The technique has proved so successful that since 1998 it has been used in a
number of fields outside space exploration. The device rids the air not only from
viruses, bacteria and spores but also VOC gases making it useful wherever clean air is essential (e.g. food packing facilities, wineries, etc.).

Airocide® has performed so well in hospitals and clinics that the FDA specifically
recommended its use during the pandemic as part of the virus control strategy.

What enters the reaction chamber of the Airocide® air purifier never leaves it, and
  • the technology is quiet, unobtrusive, chemical-free, energy efficient,
  • takes a small amount of space,
  • requires little maintenance,
  • and last but not least, it is enclosed in an aesthetically pleasing design…
Innovation. Safety. Design.
Airocide® has all of them.
What are the advantages of Airocide® compared to other air purification
  • As opposed to the conventional air purifiers, Airocide® eliminates the
    microorganisms smaller than .3 microns from the air, including viruses.
  • Although the ozone generator cleans the air and the surfaces of objects, it
    produces ozone which is harmful to health even in minimal concentration.
    Airocide® doesn’t produce any by-products.
  • While UV-C disinfectants are effective against microorganisms, the UV radiation
    generated by their use can be harmful and the process generates ozone. With
    Airocide® we don’t have to worry about this because the disinfection happens
    within the reaction chambers.
  • The electrostatic air cleaners are easy and simple to use but they are
    cumbersome and costly to maintain compared to Airocide®.
What are the microorganisms and substances that Airocide® can destroy?
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors
  • pollen
  • PM 2.5
  • VOCs
  • biological contaminants like mold spores.
We recommend the Airocide® air purifiers for office owners who value the excellent air quality and who are concerned about the health of their clients and staff.
Which Airocide® air purifier should I choose?

Depending on the size and purpose of your office we offer you our air purification
equipment in three different configurations.