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Gyms and Fitness Centers

Clean Environments Create Satisfied Customers

Clean air is vital at fitness centers as many people stay in a small space, breathing heavily, and can easily infect each other. These risks are even higher in the case of the pathogens that spread by aerosolized droplets. An Airocide air purifier is an effective device to clean the air from airoborne pathogens and to provide safety for staff and clients.

Airocide eliminates airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses as well as molds, fungi, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and many allergens.

3 Advantages of Airocide For Fitness Centers

  1. Using an Airocide air purifier will sterilize infected air.
  2. Airocide neutralizes odors, which is an important function for fitness facilities.
  3. Using Airocide is excellent PR and marketing as customers see a commitment to their health, which is why they go to the gym.

With today’s new realities and dangers an investment in safe air and health is more important than ever before.