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Setting up within seconds.

Where should I place the Airocide air purifier?

Identify where you will place the unit. For the first time we recommend placing Airocide in your bedroom. It can be placed on a shelf or a night stand. Ideally, Airocide should be placed anywhere from 36 to 72 inches off the floor.


Optimal Set Up at home

For optimal results, the unit should be placed 36 to 72 inches off the floor. Place Airocide to have a minimum of 6 inches space between the back of the unit and the wall to maintain proper air circulation. Do not place Airocide in an enclosed space like a bookshelf. The unit can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on your location and preference.

Unboxing and Installation

  1. Remove your Airocide unit from the box. The grill plate is packed separately in the box.
  2. Place the device with the power cord downward. Press the reaction chambers with your thumb and make sure they are in place.
  3. Unwrap the grill plate from the protective sleeve and gently place it on the front of the unit. The grill simply attaches with magnetic latches.

Switching on

Airocide is almost ready to go.
Place the unit on the identified place and plug the cable in a socket. Locate the on/off button on the backside of the unit featuring a circle with a small vertical stripe. Pressing this button will turn on the unit on the high setting.

2 possible issues if the unit doesn’t turn on

1) one of the chambers is not in place,
2) the grill plate does not attach properly on its place.

These are safety measures; if either is present the unit will not turn on.

The inner fan sound and the illumination of the controls indicate the unit is powered on.

Choosing the appropriate setting

Low – The low setting is recommended in a quieter environment.
High – The high setting is recommended for optimal result, Airocide is the most efficient in this setting.
Automatic – A light sensor built within the unit controls the operation. This setting programs the unit to run on high at most times and then transitions to low for quieter setting as the room darkens.