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New baby

Extra protection from pathogens

Families with kids require an extra measure of protection from airborne pathogens. A home full of bacteria, viruses and other pollutants is every parent’s nightmare.

What’s Lurking In The Nursery, The Children’s Bedroom And Playroom?

Common household items emit harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Such items include paint, carpeting, furniture, draperies, dry-cleaning and some cleaning solutions. These gases are potentially harmful for adults and more so for young children in a closed environment.

An Airocide ends the nightmare by eliminating dangerous pathogens and airborne pollutants. The technology in an Airocide is effective against common pathogens, such as the influenza virus, H1N1, common cold, even MRSA and coronaviruses.

Airocide will protect your family with clean, healthy air.

Airocide Air Purifier Eliminates Nursery Odors.

The Airocide air purifier eradicates lingering organic odors in your child’s room. As parents know, odors will be present in a child’s room. From used diapers to a teenager’s socks and everything in between. Airocide will help keep the room fresh and clean.

Tried and Tested. Airocide has passed the test.

Tests were conducted with Airocide that measured the harmful VOCs in a new nursery with freshly painted walls, new carpet, furniture and various other baby items. Measurements were taken before and after an Airocide was added.
After seven days of continuous operation the amount of VOCs were reduced by 79%.

If VOCs Are This Harmful, Why Haven’t I Heard Of Them Before?

Air purification companies are aware that traditional filters can’t destroy VOCs so they conveniently avoid the topic. The news media isn’t interested in this topic.

What differentiates the Airocide air purifier?

The power of an Airocide does not come from a filter or UV light. Airocide harnesses the natural process of photocatalytic oxidation to destroy airborne pathogens at a cellular level.
It is effective against all types of airborne pathogens and contaminants.

Clean your environment. Feel better. Airocide units for home.

Clean environment. Feel better.
Airocide units for homes and small businesses.