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Ozone Technology

How does ozone technology work?

Ozone can destroy and remove a range of harmful airborne contaminants.


The advantage of ozone is that it sterilizes not only the air but also the surfaces of objects thereby adding to its utility.


Ozone is dangerous and requires precautions as it is proven to be harmful to human health. Ozone is a highly unstable molecule with the chemical formula O3. Using ozone in the EU is allowed only in wastewater treatment technology, bottle sterilization, swimming pool water treatment, for disinfection in some farming applications and the disinfection of cooling facilities. Given the inherent dangers of ozone, no other applications are permitted.

Operating an ozone air purifier requires safety precautions. Ozone is harmful to living beings, as such nothing living should be nearby while ozone is in use. This applies not only to humans but also plants and animals. 

Why is the Airocide air purifier effective?
  • Instead of filters, Airocide uses cutting edge NASA developed technology that has been proven to eradicate things big and small.
  • The Airocide air purifier clean the air 100% from airborne asthmagens and allergens like VOC gases and viruses to dust mites and pet dander.
  • Airocide cleans the air 24/7.
  • It’s a chemical-free and healthy solution.