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Pet lovers

Pets and Clean Air. Yes, We Can!

Love Your Pet But Hate The Allergies? You can’t have a dog or a cat because of your allergy to animal fur? You are not alone.

Pet allergies are triggered by pet dander and odor. These allergens can cause respiratory irritation and trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions.

What is the solution if you still want to be around pets? Airocide.

What are the benefits of using Airocide?

An Airocide air purifier alleviates the symptoms associated with pets, including:

  • Hair in the air
  • Allergens caused by pets
  • Removal of organic odors
  • Dander
  • Itchy eyes

The power of an Airocide comes from the natural process of photocatalytic oxidation by destroying airborne pathogens at a cellular level.
Clean air and pets do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Using Airocide the difference is undeniable. After using it for 30-60 days you can definitely feel the difference in your home.
Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany is allergic to everything, including her pooch, Boogie. After installing Airocide she has only needed an allergy pill once in six weeks. “I even let my dog, Boogie, sleep with me.” – Tiffany

Angela’s Story

Her roommate’s dog in the apartment just worsened her allergies. “I installed Airocide, my allergies are a lot better, I don’t wake up congested and the doggie odor is gone.” – Angela

Enjoy the company of pets without off odors and allergens.