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The Chemical-Free Solution for Mold

Historically, some thought cellar mold could be beneficial, today winemakers struggle to eliminate mold. Aging wine requires clean, odorless air because wine can pick up ambient odors. Having clean cellar air is a necessity!

Benefits of Airocide for Wineries

  1. It offers a completely chemical-free method to prevent mold inside the barrel room. Airocide is a non-stop solution to destroy mold spores.
  2. It prevents mold around the bung hole saving money and time cleaning the barrels and the barrel room.
  3. It destroys airborne pathogens.
  1. It keeps the wall free from mold even with 75% relative humidity thereby reducing evaporation loss. This way the wine can age with the appropriate humidity in the aging room with less evaporation loss and mold related problems.
  2. It helps clean the air of both the fermentation room and the maturation room. This is vital as every winemaker knows that the aromas of a wine are easily tainted by dirty air.
  3. It reduces cross-contaminations (at fermentation) and the spread of the undesirable wild yeast spores. Unfettered development of a winemaker’s selected yeast is part of a clean/precise fermentation.
  4. Airocide is proven to significantly reduce the spread of airborne VOC precursors including TBA and TCA.
  5. Photocatalytic oxidation helps to get rid of the highly volatile airborne haloanisoles which can easily contaminate the wine in case of short-time exposure (e.g. at destemming/crushing, fermentation in open fermentation vats, racking and barrel ageing).

Protect your investment with clean cellar air!


Brad Warner, Winemaker at Foley Johnson Winery – Black Mold in Underground Barrel Room